Youth Fitness

Looking for active fun for your kids?

Look no further – we are the area’s most youth-focused fitness center!

Introducing your kids to age-appropriate fitness activities sets them on the path to a healthy lifestyle, to skills that will serve them well as they get older, and to sports that they may continue to enjoy for many years. Our expert and enthusiastic trainers look forward to developing your child’s skills in sports and fitness activities that support body awareness, strength, focus, and flexibility – served up with plenty of smiles and laughter!

Please refer to the monthly schedule for tennis and group classes for information on individual class days and times and pricing.


Programs for ages 10 & under

If you’d like for tennis to be a part of your child’s life, please contact us today about our Quick Start program, Kids’ Cardio Tennis, tennis camps, and private lessons. Quick Start introduces kids as young as two to tennis with fun activities that increase their movement, balance, and coordination in half hour sessions. Young players can continue to hone their skills in the Quick Start program up to age 14.

Interested in having Culpeper Sport & Fitness bring tennis to your school? We have done a number of tennis classes for Emerald Hill Elementary School’s gym program. In fact, we have given tennis classes to over 650 students. If your school is interested, let us know!

Competitive youth tennis players

Competitive youth players can enhance their skills further in our Academy Program or High School Development fitness and strategy session. For youth new to the sport who are interested in becoming competitive, Intro to High School Tennis is available for ages 12-16.

Please take a look at the full descriptions of our tennis programs for kids

Home School Gym Class

45 minutes of tennis mixed with 45 minutes of fitness designed around the skill level of each participant. This class is for home school children only and requires a pre-registration.

Tae Kwon Do

We teach traditional tae kwon do as well as one-step sparring and combination self-defense techniques. Tae kwon do is an activity that engages all ages; youth typically start at age 5.

Tae kwon do programs offered at CSF:

  • Poomse – TKD forms (stances, blocks, strikes and kicks)
  • Taekwondo Olympic sparring WTF (World Taekwondo Federation)
  • Our Champions  program is a registered member of USA Taekwondo

Enjoy achievement and competition with the CSF tae kwon do community:

  • Our black belts earn Kukkimon certificates
  • Our students have participated in local, state, and national tournaments

Our instructors are qualified black belts:

Master David Ames: 4th Dan Black Belt Master
Ben Walton: 3rd Dan Black Belt
David Elias: 2nd Dan Black Belt
Zach Shultz: 2nd Dan Black Belt

Please note that our program is affiliated with USA Taekwondo, recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). As with all Team USA-sanctioned organizations, there is an annual membership registration fee for athletes.


Our tumbling classes provide a fun introduction to gymnastic skills for kids age 11 years and younger — right down to little ones younger than 3! Sessions are offered for ages 2-4, ages 5-7, and ages 8-11. The Tiny Tumblers session is for children younger than 3 accompanied by an adult who can support them as their skills develop. A mix of activities on mats and equipment such as bars, beam, tunnel, and mini trampoline create a comprehensive experience. Instructor Kasey Wilcox brings many years of competitive gymnastic experience and coaching as well as a passion for the sport to the tumbling classes. (Tumbling is a fee-based program.)

Youth Boot Camp

Our boot camp for youth ages 6-12 mimics an adult boot camp experience — warm up, stretching, group activities and partner work — at a level that is appropriate and fun for kids. This class is taught by CSF trainer Marcus Haywood, a certified functional strength coach and certified physical trainer adept at designing programs that inclusively serve all participants. CSF’s youth boot camp incorporates full body cardiovascular and strength workouts and fitness education in a team atmosphere that encourages motivation and discipline. Your young Boot Camper will have the opportunity to work on building endurance, muscle, coordination, and balance – key ingredients for success in sports they may participate in and for overall good health. Confidence is another benefit of the boot camp experience. And they’re also likely to add a few new friends to their network! Youth Boot Camp is free to members.


In a lighthearted and inclusive atmosphere that is kid-friendly, children ages 6-13 learn the fundamental poses of yoga with a focus on breathing, concentration, flexibility and control of emotions. Yoga is free to members.

B-Board Balance Workout

Our adult members have been raving about this fun new workout … now kids can “B” part of the fun! This energy-filled session on the inflated B-Board offers strength, balance and flexibility benefits to kids as they rock out to great music! B-Board is free to members.

Athletic Performance for High School Athletes

Looking to boost your performance by working on strength, quickness, speed and endurance? Join this twice weekly class for ages 14-18 with certified functional strength coach and certified physical training coach  Marcus Haywood. Athletic performance focuses on developing sport specific power through weight training and lateral mobility, quickness, speed and endurance conditioning. This class is part of our small group personal training program; members pay just $50/month for unlimited SGPT classes!


Strength and Conditioning Training for Teams

Youth team members looking to gain an edge on their competition will benefit from working with certified functional strength coach and certified physical training coach Marcus Haywood. Team strength and conditioning programs are developed to serve the unique needs of youth athletes and their sport. Benefits include maintaining overall fitness, developing strength, speed and stamina, and reduced risk of injury.

Keep an eye on our calendar for information on specialty camps for youth athletes. To inquire about a program, please call Culpeper Sport & Fitness, 540-825-0000.

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