Tennis & Pickleball

Enjoy a premium year-round tennis and pickleball experience on our courts! We offer programs open to members as well as non-members.

Culpeper Sport & Fitness has World Team Tennis and multiple USTA-sanctioned leagues at a variety of levels for fun and competitive tennis. We also offer Cardio Tennis, clinics, lessons and tournaments for any player level. We even offer racket stringing — your tennis needs are covered at CSF!

Passionate about pickleball? Well, sure — it’s a fun activity that combines tennis, ping pong, and badminton, and it’s one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. We have pickleball paddles and balls available, so if you’re new to the sport and want to give it a try, give us a call at 540-825-0000 to reserve a court.

Adult Tennis

Class descriptions

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity for anyone, at any playing level, looking to burn calories and interact with others. It’s high energy fitness that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with warm up, cardiovascular exercise, and cool down, delivering a full-body, calorie-burning aerobic workout. (Member fee: $15/class. Non-member fee: $20/class) Please note: this program relaunches on June 14 with pro Mark Ferlazzo. Play will be at the Country Club of Culpeper unless there is inclement weather, in which case the program will take place at CSF. Pre-registration is required.


Drill & Play

Drill & Play is designed for the player who has been competing in USTA or tournaments. This class focuses on doubles strategy and point production. Drills will include live ball and basket feed. Emphasis will be on court awareness and stroke production. Designed for all skill levels. (Member fee: $25/class; non-member fee: $30/class)

Pro Training

Enjoy a high intensity class where you will hit hundreds of tennis balls and focus on conditioning and strategy. This program also includes match play. (Member fee: $25/class; non-member fee: $30/class)

Private lessons: Members: $50/hour. Non-members: $60/hour. Please call 540-825-0000 to set up your lesson.

Court Time and League Play

Court Time (pricing per hour; split with other players)
Monday through Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
$24 per hour

5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
$34 per hour

8:00 am – noon
$18 per hour

Unlimited Tennis Specials
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm $550 for one year
Saturday: 8:00 am – noon $350 for one year


Save and sign up for both —  $750 for one year
*excludes leagues, clinics, lessons and contract court time.

Contract Time & League Rates
Leagues run for 36 weeks (some vary).
Please call us at (540) 825-0000 for details and pricing.

Youth Tennis

Read about our tennis programs for kids

Tennis Instruction

CSF tennis instructor Ernesto “Ernie” Locsin started playing tennis at an early age in the small city of Dumaguete, Philippines. He played competitively in the junior, collegiate, and men’s open levels and had the privilege of representing his country in the junior Davis Cup. Throughout his 35-year career, he also has developed training programs, run national tournaments, and coached college teams. Ernie has worked with Davis Cup players of the Philippines, talented juniors who have gone on to play collegiate tennis in the United States, and collegiate level players. He observes, “I find that above all things, it is important to display good character on and off the court. Also, proper technique and solid fundamentals are essential to maximize the potential for every player. Along with hard work, physical conditioning, and the right attitude, every player can achieve their goals and be the best that they can be.” Ernie is a USPTR professional, Etcheberry certified, Cardio Tennis/TRX certified, and an International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level 1 coach.

Upcoming Tennis Events

For news on upcoming tennis events, please view News & Events on our website or visit our Facebook page


1. Competitive tennis burns more calories than aerobics or cycling, according to studies in caloric expenditures.

2. Tennis enhances your immune system through its conditioning effects, which promote overall health, fitness and resistance to disease.

3. Tennis increases flexibility due to the constant stretching and maneuvering to return the ball to your opponent.

4. Tennis helps you learn how to compete one-on-one because the ability to do battle on court trains you in the ups and downs of a competitive world.

5. You learn to solve mathematical and spatial challenges since tennis is a sport based on angles, geometry and physics.

6. It’s a social sport!