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We have the only indoor racquet sports courts in the area!

Check out our tennis programs for all ages and pickleball, a fun and fast-growing sport

Our group exercise classes combine fitness AND fun!

Strengthen, energize and tone in P90X®, Body Sculpt, Step & Core, tae kwon do, yoga & more

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Your support of the Culpeper Wellness Foundation is an investment in the health of our community. Find out all the ways you can help to improve the lives of children and adults in Culpeper, Madison and Orange counties.


We’ve expanded our fitness fun for kids!

Kids can choose from tumbling, boot camp, yoga, B-Board® balance, tae kwon do and tennis programs!

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Supporting kids’ health

Within the Culpeper Wellness Foundation family, community-focused efforts to improve health and promote wellness for kids are centered in fitness programs at Culpeper Sport & Fitness and Powell Wellness Center. At any age, developing a personal commitment to physical fitness can improve health; build confidence; lead to new interests, friendships and mentoring; and enhance family time. The benefits can be lifelong; healthy kids are more likely to become healthy adults.

Youth fitness

Check out the amazing variety of fitness opportunities for kids at CSF and Powell Wellness Center! B (B-Board) to Z (Zumba) ... we've almost got A to Z covered!  


Yoga for kids

Kids can benefit from yoga too! Practicing yoga can enhance kids' coordination, strength, flexibility and body awareness, leading to improved overall fitness and health. Yoga also encourages concentration as well as relaxation. And let's not forget fun! Our yoga class...

Morning yoga twice weekly

Join instructor Kaori Rudacille on Monday and Wednesday mornings to center and ground yourself while you build strength and flexibility, too! This class is available to all levels.

Youth tumbling starts August 26, 2019!

Hey hey hey, are your kids ready to FLIP for tumbling?! We'll be kicking off our fall youth program with classes for the younger than 3 gang right up to age 11. The program starts on August 26! Registration is open to members and non-members!

Transform U launches in September!

Take a look at Transform U, an innovative approach to bootcamp, incorporating personal coaching to support transformation in every aspect of your life - whether you're at home or on the go. The small group exercise sessions with personal trainer Marcus Haywood will...