Rally & trainer Marcus Haywood after a Move It session


Rally’s goal is to remain strong and fit. It was thanks to her friend and fitness carpool buddy Trish, a CSF member, that Rally found Move It – the full body high intensity program at CSF that would enable her to meet her goal. “I remember her saying ‘you have to try it’,” Rally says with a smile. “We carpool for a lot of our exercise classes – it’s fun and holds us both accountable.” Rally’s been participating in Move It with trainer Marcus Haywood for about a year.

To stay fit as an adult, Rally has done aerobics on and off, worked out to home videos such as Beachbody®, and tried Zumba® and barbell weight training. But over the years running has been her constant, and more recently, she has added yoga.

“With the exception of running and yoga, for me, doing the same thing leads to boredom,” she says. “There’s no boredom with the Move It program. Marcus changes it up all the time and I’m sore all the time, but it’s a good feeling and I am never bored. During a session, every time I think “I’ve got this one!” he’s right there adding to the challenge by changing it up in some way or increasing the weight.” Typically in a half hour session of Move It there are 3 circuits with 4-6 activities.

In addition to challenging, Rally has found Move It to be meditative. She observes, “During a session I concentrate on the circuit activities and repetitions and there’s no thinking about anything else. Concentrating on the activity at hand is very meditative.”

Rally describes the Move It atmosphere as welcoming. “The session is tailored to meet your fitness level, which makes it a very comfortable and non-intimidating environment even though it’s challenging.” She identified another plus: “In small group training you are really getting the value of individual contact with the trainer even though it’s a group setting.”

“One other thing I appreciate is that it’s a safe environment. Marcus is always right there to show you exactly how to do a sequence or supply a modification, even in the middle of it. He watches your form and offers reminders or corrections so that you follow proper form. I was still able to do Move It after I suffered an ankle sprain outdoors. I worked around that injury with Marcus’s help. He is very conscious about keeping track of what little tweaks participants might be experiencing.”

After a year in Move It, Rally notes, “I’m much stronger. Core, back, hamstrings; everything is stronger. That has helped my running and yoga. Also, it’s very empowering to be able to achieve something like a pull-up that has been a challenge. I’d say it impacts every part of my life.”