CSF member Chris with trainer Marcus Haywood post-workout

When the objective is to #findyourfit, a methodical approach can help keep you on track. Imagine the approach in three parts: outlining your goal or goals, honestly pinpointing your challenges, and establishing support to help you overcome those challenges.

Chris, a member since 2014, recently intensified his fitness efforts and shared his thoughts on goals, challenges and support.

Chris and his family live a pretty active lifestyle. His daughters take tumbling classes at CSF. They also love music and dancing, swimming and climbing on playground equipment. Chris and his wife walk the family’s dog while the girls ride their scooters or bikes.

To achieve the fitness gains he was looking for, he needed to add some structure to his active lifestyle.

Chris identified his goals:

  • Lose weight and build muscle.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Serve as a good role model for his kids.

In terms of challenges, he singled out eating habits, motivation, and making time for the gym.

To support his goal of losing weight and building muscle, Chris is taking advantage of the variety of opportunities offered by his membership. At CSF he enjoys cardio work on the treadmill and elliptical. He’s currently enrolled in his second session of boot camp. Chris also lifts weights at Powell Wellness Center.

Chris identifies three things that for him support motivation and encourage making time for fitness. One is building rapport and forming friendships within boot camp – relationships develop “that help get you to gym and push you further,” says Chris. A second is the “great instruction and motivation” from trainer Marcus Haywood. Chris observes, “I chose boot camp because it locked me into at least two workouts a week.  I was then held accountable by the other group members as well as Marcus.”

The third motivator? That is to keep in mind what might be called the bigger picture — as Chris points out, “at the end of it all we want to feel good about ourselves and live healthier lifestyles.”

Marcus applauds Chris for bringing a sense of humor as well as hard work to his fitness efforts. He observes, “As a former athlete, Chris knows how to flip that switch, turn on the tunnel vision and up his intensity. He knew at the beginning that changes in lifestyle would have to be made and his hard work and diligence resulted in weight loss during the course of our first six-week boot camp. He deserves the results he is getting!”

Thanks to Chris for sharing his story!