Taekwondo is an excellent work out to gain strength, confidence, coordination and flexibility. We have excellent students who range from anywhere from 5-72 years of age. We teach traditional tae kwon do as well as one step and combination self-defense techniques.

  • Poomse – TKD forms
  • TKD Olympic sparring WTF (World TKD Federation)
  • Champions is a registered member of USAT USATKD
  • Our black belts earn Kukkimon certificates
  • Our students have and participate in local, state and national tournaments

We have plenty of qualified black belts to run classes with the main instructors being:

Master David Ames: 4th Dan Black Belt Master
Ben Walton: 3rd Dan Black Belt
David Elias: 2nd Dan Black Belt
Zach Shultz: 2nd Dan Black Belt